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The leading calculator and clinical decision tool reference, used by 65% of US docs weekly1.


Accessed monthly in 196 countries by 1.5 million HCPs

Enjoy trusted, up-to-date, and clinically relevant content, delivered at the moment you need it.


500+ CDS tools written by over 200 specialists


Core product

500+ CDS Calculators

  • Faster Decisions

Built for efficiency, the most clinically significant information is always available at first glance.

  • Expert Content

Written by specialists and calc creators, each tool covers topics on when to use, next steps, and creator insights.

  • Evidence Appraisal

Don’t just apply the decision tool, learn the evidence behind it and compare the quality to similar scores.

  • Support for All

Applicable to conditions spanning every specialty, with 150+ specialty and disease areas.




Single Sign On

Take MDCalc EHR for a spin with our starter integration. After you get going we can work with you to add custom features.

    Features include:

  • Smart Button
  • Custom Lists
  • Auto Login
  • & more...


Free & Deluxe Versions Available



MDCalc on FHIR!

Design an integration with our development team that meets your hospital's unique needs, goals and clinical workflow.

    Features may include:

  • Autofill Inputs
  • Save to EHR
  • Cutting Edge Content
  • & more...


Currently Only for Pilot Partners

The future in evidence-based care is here.

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase insurance reimbursement
  • Decrease liability
  • Eliminate unnecessary testing
  • Increase clinician efficiency
  • Calcs from the best
  • Avoid outdated rules that change over time, as MDCalc is the most updated source of calcs
  • The smartest, most seamless integrations
  • MDCalc is run by physicians, so you know integrations reduce alert fatigue and maximize participation
  • Your docs already trust MDCalc: 65% of them already use it weekly1

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