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MDCalc Connect

MDCalc in the EHR

An easy calculation!

MDCalc Connect

MDCalc in the EHR

An easy calculation!

Easy to find, easy to use

Autofills YOU control

No blackboxes here (looking at you Watson)

Easy documentation

Less liability

Fair reimbursements

Alerts clinicians won’t ignore winking face emoji

Suggested calcs based on patient characteristics

Quality, quality scores

The “no stall” install

Your tech team will thank you

Check mark<30 days for 650+ calcs

Check markNo PHI crosses the firewall

The pandemic in mind

COVID-19 Toolkit helps frontline clinicians

Expert tools brought to the frontlines

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  • Autofills = MORE accurate and better for patient care
  • Clinical adoption, consistency, and measurability
  • Increased documentation:
    • Less clinical waste
    • Improved quality/research studies
    • Better reimbursements
    • Reduced liability
  • 3-5 DIY calcs typically take 5x the time as to deploy 650+ with MDCalc
  • Keeping calcs updated & accurate creates liability
  • Even when built, clinicians will STILL use MDCalc (outside of the EHR) – a fractured workflow limits clinical adoption, consistency, and measurability